Get Connected


1. Gather

We gather throughout the week to learn how to: follow Jesus, celebrate His love, and build relationships.


2. events

We have fun together! Invite a friend and be a part of upcoming events to explore, connect, and have a great time. 


3. serve

We serve to make an impact within our own families, locally, and globally. Four areas we serve: at the church, in the community, for the world, and on the web.


4. groups

We belong in life together. Community groups have 10-12 people who regularly gather, eat, share a laugh, and learn about following Jesus in their everyday lives. Spring Groups will meet weekly during the weeks of February 18 - May 13 (a total of 10 weeks) at various times and locations, and will gather for service projects and celebrations during the summer. Sign-ups for Spring groups have begun now - we can't wait!