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What if?

We asked ourselves "What if we saw ourselves as God sees us?"

"We are not just pieces of junk. We are sons and daughters of The Most High"
-Pastor Paul

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Easter Sunday

Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus through worship.



Get your life back

In a book of the Bible called John, Jesus says that he came so that we would not just have life, but have it to the fullest. However, he says that in order to have that full life, it requires things that may go against our instincts.  But in the end, it is completely worth it...because starting today, you can begin to get your life back.



Do you know why God place desire within our hearts?  In what ways does desire motivate you in your passions and pursuits?  Join us for this series as we discover God’s purpose for desire in our marriage, sexuality, and relationships.  This series is PG-13 with parental discretion advised.


Party people

Did you know that the Bible talks about Jesus being at parties more than it does about him being at church services? Let’s learn how to follow Jesus by learning to be party people. Let’s serve the best food and drink, let’s invite all kinds of people, and let’s treat ‘em like kings.


I'm So Done

You're invited, in fact - you are encouraged to be done with the white-knuckle, do-better kind of life. We often try convince ourselves that what we need it to just try harder and use better systems.  Although these can be good, Jesus invites us into a totally new way of viewing our world and lives.


Exodus / part II

In this second look at Exodus, we examine the rescue story with an Advent lens. Jesus is the star of the Bible - everything points to him. Listen as we unpack how the exodus has everything to do with Jesus and with our lives today.



Jesus’ character is one of excess. He is extravagant. He always goes too far. He loves too much. He gives too much. He forgives too much. He is excessive. When we embrace the true Jesus, the Jesus of excess, our hearts and minds are freed up from the plague of scarcity to live in excess, overflow, and abundance.


Exodus / Part I

Aside from Jesus' work on the cross, the Exodus is the most clear picture in the Bible of God rescuing his people. This 6 week series takes us on an unbelievable journey where a mighty God saves a reluctant people.

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