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Life in the trenches

Following Jesus isn’t about living a “happy clappy” life that ignores reality.  In fact, the opposite is true.  Following Jesus is about real life, Life In The Trenches.  Life is hard, and life in the trenches needs leadership.  And when we’re in the trenches, it's tempting to hunker down, give up, be a bully, or run away.   What about you?  Will you lead?  Can you lead yourself? Others? At home?  At work?   What if there is a power available to you - even in the deepest darkness - that can not only lift you up, but raise you up to lead others?  Well...there is.

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Hot topic

Think some things are too controversial for church? Racism, Sexuality, Escapes, the sanctity of life, other religions?  Well, these are things we as the church need to talk about. 

Week 4


Mother's Day

Mothers have a unique ability to demonstrate Gods unconditional love. We heard several strong,and graceful mothers reinforce to us the importance of prayer, forgiveness and compassion. When we are open to receiving these messages we are better able to LIVE the life Jesus intended for us. 

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What if?

We asked ourselves "What if we saw ourselves as God sees us?"

"We are not just pieces of junk. We are sons and daughters of The Most High"
-Pastor Paul

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