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Faithful | Diane Allen

From change and transition at work; to a life-changing diagnosis for a child; to a devastating but brave decision by a child to walk away from a life event; to a child moving many hundreds of miles from home; to the death of a dear friend to disease, to a parent with dementia living so very far away and feeling helpless and guilty for not being able to share the burden; to going beyond my comfort zone to Africa on a short-term mission trip. Life is full of challenges and disappointments; but also, so much Joy! Even, and especially, in the midst of our challenges...


God is My Comforter | Olga Kyser

I have never felt alone through life's trials.  God has always comforted me and given me the peace that only he can give.  He is my Rock and my Savior!  On June 12, 2012, I was told the words that nobody ever wants to hear, "You have Cancer".  I remember how the day drastically changed as I collectively held my tears back at the doctor’s office while calling a friend to ask if she could pick up my daughter from vacation bible school.  My husband and I tried to digest everything that the doctor was saying as suddenly we were faced with overwhelming decisions.  We felt the Lord's presence as the Doctor asked if he could pray with us...

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He Accomplishes the Impossible | The Knable Family

All along while pregnant we referred to our little guy as our miracle, and rightly so, as most parents do. However, I'd never know that that was indeed what Dylan would turn out to be... the true definition of a miracle. Here is what will someday be Dylan's Testimony, it is lengthy, but I assure you... worth the read for anyone who doubts what our Lord is capable of or for anyone who just enjoys a reminder of His work...


Home | The Huggins Family

When we came to CrossPoint, our family was going through some tough times.  We had been searching for a church for awhile and struggled to find one we felt comfortable with.  I’ll never forget a couple of things about our first visit to CrossPoint.  The first was being welcomed by someone who would later become my friend, with warmth and genuine care.  The second was the message that we are all broken, there is no judgment, and we are all struggling to do this together...

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Restoration | Stephanie Paul

For me, the recovery process helped me to see the beautiful way God has pursued me in my brokenness throughout my life.  I was baptized as an infant. I grew up going to church.  I always knew Jesus to some extent.  But it wasn’t until my divorce that I experienced the powerlessness that led to true surrender and to a deep and trusting relationship with my savior.  I had a plan for my life, and when that plan fell apart, despite all my best efforts to keep it together, I saw that I was most definitely not in control, but that God was...

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