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Have you ever seen someone use the Bible to judge others in one moment, and then hypocritically break its most basic teachings in the next?  We often claim Jesus’ teachings when it’s convenient, but if we read what he really said and did, it seems that Jesus was an “equal opportunity offender”, challenging the hearts and minds of people like us...and extending love and mercy to the type of people we can’t stand.  What if we had the courage to listen to what he actually said and consider what he actually did? What if the things he said and did really could bring us the “rest for our souls” that he promises? Join us as we take an honest look at the things Jesus said and did as we journey through the historical biography of The Gospel According to Matthew.

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Actually, we haven’t been very busy lately, so we’re doing great!”  Have you EVER heard someone say that when you asked them how they were doing? If so, it’s probably rare.  Why is it that we are so busy? Why is it that even if we don’t say it directly, we put off such a busy “vibe”?  Even if we’re not physically busy, our minds are so busy that we can’t stand to sit still without checking our phones.  Very few people reach the end of their life and think, “I wish I would have been busier.”

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